Air Preparation Equipment

Air Preparation

Pneumatic equipment functions best if it is supplied with clean, dry air. Some equipment also needs lubrication. For larger air systems more dedicated air purification systems are used. Please see this section on our site.

General locally applied air preparation is a combination of filtration, pressure regulation and lubrication (if required). Filter units remove particles of dust and grit etc and some moisture and oil. The grade of filter element governs the degree of filtration.

Regulators control the line pressure downstream generally for a standard air system between 0 and 8 bar, though this can be up to 10 bar plus.

Lubricators produce a fine mist of airline oil to lubricate equipment that require it e.g. air motors. Ancillary equipment such as shut-off valves, soft start valves, accessories like brackets, gauges and assembly kits are available.

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