filter regulator

Coalescing Filter 1/4" BSP

  • Essential in circuits where oil is not permitted
  • Coalescent cartridge made in microfiber, allows a high filtration efficiency of 99,99% on 0,1 micron particles
  • Can be wall mounted using the relative holes
  • Integrated manual and semi-automatic condensate drain (SS) or automatic versions (SA/SAD)
  • Bowl available in three configurations: transparent toughened poliamide or with outer bowl guard or short transparent version
  • It is advisable to install a filter with 5 micron element, to consent long-lasting of coalescent cartridge .
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16,0 Bar (1,60 MPa)
  • Max. ambient temperature (at 10 bar) 50°C (122°F)
  • Max. torque inserts Gl /4 " IN-OUT: 25 Nrn
  • Reference flow rate (P=6,3 Bar - Δp=l Bar): 195 NI/min
  • Weight : 0,095 Kg.

Coalescent Cartdridge


The air with impurity enters into the special cartridge with high efficiency, that stop solid particles, capture and join outside particles of oil and condensate (coalescent effect).  In this way, they easily fall down at the bottom of the bowl, where condensate is discharged. Filtered air obtained is without solid and liquid parts.