DF Filters - Best Performance

Better than the competition - high efficiency at low differential pressure (up to 50% lower in comparison with conventional filter systems)

Validated efficiency acc. to ISO 12500-1

Special head design guarantees optimised air flow through filter housing and element. Result: Very low pressure loss (see graph)

Innovative new filter media ensure best and long term efficiency (view graph)

Due to different customer needs, a wide range of filtration grades for industrial filtration application are available (element types P, B, V, M, S, A) from size 0035 - 1100)

Several configuration variants available (Standard, Plus, Superplus) to offer customer different control and condensate options.



Pre Filter + Particle Filter

P Filter

(P= Polyethylen)

η(25μm) = 100%

B Filter

(B = Bronze)

η(25μm) = 100%

Fine Filter

V Filter (V = Vorfilter = Pre Filter

η(9μm) = 100%

η(oil ISO12500-1)= 99,7%

Micro Filter

M Filter (M = Micro Filter)

η(0,01μm) = 99.99998%

η(oil ISO12500-1)= 99,7%

Submicro Filter

S Filter (S= Submicro Filter)

η(0,01μm) = 99.99999%

η(oil ISO12500-1)= 99,8%

Oil Vapour Filter

A Filter (A = Activated Carbon)

Res. Oil Content <0,003 mg/m³