If you are looking for pneumatic products Airtechnics will offer the best products available on the market Our pneumatic products, range from the basic up to heavy duty and are specialised to cater for all industry sectors covering hostile and hazardous environments

Solenoid Valves:

We are independent suppliers of quality solenoid valves based in the UK. For solenoid valves of all makes and types for all applications, contact us at Airtechnics.

Pneumatic Valves:

Airtechnics is a supplier of quality pneumatic valves. We have a wide range of products to suit all applications. The pneumatic valves we supply are chosen to ensure they are best suited to the application.

Pneumatic Cylinders:

Airtechnics supply pneumatic cylinders to suit all applications including food processing and pharmaceutical industries, where our wide range of stainless steel cylinders are frequently used. Airtechnics can offer in-house manufactured cylinders to suit all customer requirements as well as offering our emergency cylinder repair service. Airtechnics can also supply a wide range of pneumatic cylinder pumps suitable for most types of liquids and applications. We can supply most makes of pneumatic cylinders on request.

Pneumatic Controls:

Airtechnics will design and produce pneumatic controls. This can range from the basic pneumatic controls for actuators up to medium size electro-pneumatic and pneumatic control panels, with or without PLC control. Airtechnics can also offer complete replacement or upgraded control systems to existing machinery. Please see our systems & specials page for more details.


Airtechnics have access to most Domestic, European and Worldwide product ranges. Our pneumatics department backed up by design and application engineers are able to solve most problems in the field of pneumatics..

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If you do not find what you are looking for on our website please call us. We can supply all available brands.

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